Google is going to start AdWords Automatic Matching feature beta test with selected advertisers/agencies possibly on 28/02/2008 after all the AdWords Broad Match, Phrase Match, Exact Match, Negative Match, and Embedded Match.

This beta feature in AdWords will allow Google to find accounts where budgets aren’t being fully spent and then automatically matches ads in those accounts to whatever additional queries Google sees relevant to the advertisers in order to spend 100% of the budget, in other words, to make more money for Google.

There are already more than 60 messages posted to WebmasterWorld, 80% of them are negative. It seems that most of the users are concerned with:

(1) whether advertisers can turn off the feature if they wish.

(2) whether this feature is intended to exhaust the budget of advertisers, that is, how relevant the additional traffic will be to the advertisers campaigns.

(3) whether advertisers can see the search queries that resulting in clicks from the Automatic Matching feature.

This tweak is certainly consistent with the theory that Google is more exposed to a recession than most people think, in part because reduced consumer spending will lead to fewer paid clicks and thus less revenue for Google. If advertisers aren’t able to spend their whole budgets because cash-strapped shoppers are clicking on fewer ads, one way to try to address this would be to include the ads on a broader number of searches although whether this would actually lead to more profitable revenue for the advertisers is a different question.

It seems that another tweak from Google - allowing selected AdWords advertisers to associate video clips with their ads is another attempt to generate more revenue.

If you are not so sure on what Broad Match, Phrase Match, Exact Match, Negative Match, and Embedded Match are, please visit Google AdWords Keyword Match Options.

Link to the post on WebmasterWorld:

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