Below are 3 general SEO guidelines to improve your internal linking structures shared with us by John W. Ellis.

1. Write Content First

The answer to the question “How can my site be ranked higher?” is good content on your site.

2. Properly Hyperlink Keywords

After creating great content, you should be able to go back and hyperlink specific keywords to internal pages. Not only are these inbound links good for search engines, but it makes much better user experience. It gives the user a direction to go and helps them work through the site easier. However, do not jeopardize the user experience.

3. Do not “Click Here”

When adding the links, be sure not to commit the ultimate SEO sin. “Click here” provides no value to users or search engines. Instead of telling those consumers to “click here” describe the link. Let customers and search engines know what the link is. Describe the page it’s going to with a link title containing your keyword phrase.


A good internal link structure is the backbone of your website. Internal link building is easily controlled and should be treated as a high priority by anyone who wants to improve search engine rankings through SEO.

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