Search Engine Optimisation is a necessity for any website eager to gain traffic, however, it is a complex tactic which involves the optimisation of many front end and back end features of your website. As such, Hitwise Search Marketing Services recommends using the following checklist to evaluate how well your website is optimised.

1. Are the website’s title tags optimised with important keywords?
2. Do the description meta tags contain compelling copy that encourages searchers to visit the website?
3. Can search engines access links in your website’s navigation menu?
4. Are important words and phrases included in the content of each web page?
5. Does each web page use heading tags (H1, H2, H3 and H4)?
6. Do links to other web pages of the website use relevant text and descriptions?
7. Can you navigate to any page within 2 or 3 clicks from the home page?
8. Does the website have a Google page rank of 5 or higher?
9. Does the website have more than 1000 back links?
10. Do any websites with a page rank of 5 or more link to the website?
11. Is the website listed in important directories such as Yahoo Directory &

If you answered no or not sure to any of these questions, your website may not be reaching its potential and your competitors may be attracting your potential customers.

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