Discover Top 3 Crucial SEO Tips You Must Know To Create Powerful Page Titles.

Jennifer Horowitz shared top 3 SEO tips on how to write powerful page titles. Here are the Top 3 things you must know….

1. You may be familiar with AIDA. It stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. It means you have to remember to: capture your reader’s attention, arouse their interest, increase their desire and lead them to take some kind of action. All are important pieces of the puzzle. You have to remember with your page title - the first thing people will see about your website in the search engine result pages, the action you want them to take at this point is to click on it. Let’s explore increase their desire. What that really means is to elicit an emotional response from them. People buy based on emotion. In addition to desire, another great motivator is fear. In face, fear of loss is a greater motivator than desire to gain. So, the key to remember is that you want to illicit an emotional response for the reader.

2. Use action words - verbs! Telling people they need to take certain actions in order to get the information they are interested with and this encourages readership and guides them. You can use words like: Discover, Find, Get, Learn, Join, See, Read, etc.

3. Your search engine optimized page titles should not give away any details information and they are not a summary of the content. However, don’t be too vague and page titles still tell in very descriptive words what the users can expect - so it arouses their curiosity.

I have added another one:

4. Considering length, don’t make it longer than 65 characters because Google only shows the first 65 characters or short.

Well, now you can see that writing great page title tags is a challenge - you have to make it to be able to properly grab attention, get prospects interested, increase users’ desire and get them to take action in no more than 65 characters.

View page title tag examples here.

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