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9:29 pm
August 7, 2008



posts 8

Two of the most popular methods a company can
use for online marketing are organic search engine optimization and
pay-per-click advertising – and these are often used in tandem. However, when a
business has a limited marketing budget, which approach has the advantage and
which offers a better return on investment? While pay-per-click can offer
immediate results, organic search engine optimization may lead to more clicks

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1:21 am
July 9, 2009



While PPC is short marketing strategy and SEO is long term strategy which is ongoing and continous. Pay per click is an effective short term strategy of achieving a presence on the search engines.
It will not optimise your website reflect what you are promoting.
The main drawback with PPC is one once you stop paying your presence also disappears just as quick.

4:53 am
July 10, 2009



PPC is more expensive as compared to SEO. If you really want to reap benefits out of your SEO promotion then you must ensure that your website is ranking on top of search enginesunder natural listings for competitive keywords.

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6:30 am
March 16, 2010



posts 17

PPC maybe shortcoming but it is expensive unlike SEO u just need a competitive keywords! Right?

10:19 am
April 22, 2010



posts 16

For me it’s better to work on both. While optimizing your website in organic way, you can start campaigning through PPC to get some results… Once you get a good rank in organic seo, then all you have to do is to maintain it and you will benefit from it for a long time or even forever.

5:18 pm
August 30, 2010



There have been very intense disagreements between which of Paid per Click (PPC)
or Search Engine Optimization SEO is more effective for a company.

PPC offers many advantages such as near instantaneous flow of traffic, pay
on performance, precise keyword targeting, budget control and time control just
listing a few. Since results are instantaneous, most companies tend to keep
using PPC. Since there are more people using PPC, costs have risen considerably
as there are more competitors bidding for the same keyword.

SEO requires more planning and if conducted well, minimizes cost
significantly. SEO can be a timely process and may cost a significant initial
cost, usually in the form of link buying. SEO can also improve your websites
value. A good example is imagining your website as a property such as your
house. With an SEO targeted approach, you would purchase land or other houses
around it out expand your existing business. On the other hand, PPC could mean
renting the land around you.

2:54 am
January 26, 2011



posts 5

ppc is pay per click where as seo is clicking the link posted by forum and blogs both results the same but are different things.

2:16 pm
February 26, 2011



posts 5

The main drawback with PPC is one once you stop paying your presence also disappears just as quick. PPC is short marketing strategy and SEO is long term strategy which is ongoing and continous.


1:42 pm
April 4, 2011



posts 5

Seo means of search engine optimization. Ppc means of pay per click. Seo is useful in have increase traffic to website and imprve website value. and ppc is useful in advertising.

12:44 pm
April 27, 2011



posts 5

SEO takes the long-term traffic. It has a high return on investment
when compared to the PPC. SEO is very important for long-term business.
PPC is a short-term method of generating traffic. The cost is more than
SEO. But if you are looking for fast traffic, PPC is the best option..

3:33 pm
May 26, 2011



posts 5

SEO is beneficial to get long term traffic It has a top acknowledgment on investment
if compared to the PPC. SEO is actual important for abiding
business.PPC is a short adjustment of breeding traffic. The amount is
added than SEO. But if you are searching for fast traffic, PPC is the
best option.

2:54 am
June 7, 2011



posts 5

Seo is advantageous in accept access cartage to website and improve
website value. and ppc is advantageous in advertising. PPC is abbreviate business action and SEO is continued appellation action which is advancing and continous.

11:34 pm
June 30, 2011



posts 10

As my view SEO is better than PPC because SEO is a very effective way to increase you web ranking as compare to PPC also SEO is very very less expensive and long term investment than compare to PPC. So I think SEO is the best way to start and invest money in the right way expect PPC.

3:27 pm
November 7, 2011



Well, PPC is expensive compared to SEO. If you really want to benefit from the promotion SEO you must ensure that the site is placed on top of search lists the keywords enginesunder competitive nature.

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7:54 pm
December 23, 2011


New Member

posts 2

PPC and SEO can be used with each other. The two techniques obtain their particular objectives. One can be used to aid the other and the other way around.


6:00 pm
February 23, 2012



posts 4

PPC & SEO can be used together with each other. The two techniques obtain their particular objectives. One can be used to aid the other & viceversa.


6:24 pm
March 5, 2012



posts 5

 There are powerful factors for & against each other. But any professional with the budget & options should implement both for their skills and the incorporation that can be carried out. Each has its position.

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