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Future of Google Mobile Search Marketing


7:00 am
December 17, 2008


New Member

posts 1

I read interesting information about Google Mobile search marketing at :

However, I would like to know if mobile phones become more cheaper in the coming next years and with latest technologies, then it can overshadow internet market of SEO.

Do let me know if there is some serious potential of mobile search marketing in the next 1-2 years.

I really liked the way Google allows users to make search on their mobile through voice alone without typing any key. Cool

6:48 am
March 16, 2010



posts 17

Is it possible so? hmm,I wonder too.

Please let me also know,Thanks!

11:04 am
May 14, 2010



posts 16

hey seo_internet, it has been 2 years now from the year you’ve posted the google mobile search marketing. Isn’t that amazing that the prediction few years ago has now been realized? You may check these links for more info…

Mobile APP for Google Voice:

 About Google Voice Search:

7:00 pm
July 6, 2010



posts 21

Very nice feature Dear. I
like this. I am just waiting for this.

8:19 pm
November 4, 2011

Rhys Lucas


posts 6

I have visited on that link. This is really very informative.

8:58 pm
November 8, 2011

William Ayden


posts 6

If this is possible then it will a great boom in this field.

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