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SEO Services needed


3:41 pm
April 21, 2009

Jacob Smith


My name is Cameron Sharpe CEO of am running a dating website. We are
looking to get our site updated and wish to hire an SEO specialist to
do the necessary work to get us higher rankings. Looking for the
right candidates for SEO work. Prefer someone who have the good
knowledge of search engine as well as adwords with good experience
and handle the clients need and fulfill them, if you have any
information & want to share with me.

You can contact me at:

I welcome you to visit my
website at

and Matchmaking for Singles – The Relationship Company

10:26 am
April 22, 2010



posts 16

You have a good dating website there. I have a bit knowledge in SEO but can’t be a consultant. lol. anyway, if ever I encounter someone who is good on that, then ill let you know. Best luck to your business!

6:40 pm
May 11, 2010



posts 21

I am showing appreciation to you for sharing this
information I am looking into these types of information from a long time.

8:17 pm
November 4, 2011

Rhys Lucas


posts 6

Thanks for this post. This is useful for people who are interested in this field.

8:56 pm
November 8, 2011

William Ayden


posts 6

SEO is used to improve your website ranking. After making a
website you need take it in ranking of Google searching. So SEO’s popularity
increases as web developing field increases.

6:56 pm
April 6, 2012



posts 4

I am new to this forum community, I am very glad to join
this community and I want to share my ideas and knowledge resources with the
forum members as well as keen to increase my information bank also.

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