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Keyword Analysis


9:45 am
April 23, 2010



posts 16

Does anyone here can share how to conduct keyword analysis and tools to be used? Thanks in advance for the help guys.

4:58 pm
May 1, 2010



posts 21

There are three factors
that we have to take into consideration before analyze keywords:

  • The type of keyword
  • The popularity of a keyword
  • And it’s competition.

As such, you now
have to properly analyze your keyword list for all of these factors. Then,
based on your analysis, you will want to prioritize your keywords.

10:52 am
May 14, 2010



posts 16

Thanks for putting your thoughts on this MyWebsiteNow.

11:45 am
May 23, 2010



posts 16

seopiper said:

Does anyone here can share how to conduct keyword analysis and tools to be used? Thanks in advance for the help guys.

You can use google adwors free keyword tool. It’s something I always use and a tool that provides a vareity of information at one search.

It’s not that accurate but almost the same result compared to other with fees.

6:57 pm
July 6, 2010



posts 21

Thank you ‘seopiper’ you awaking me about this tool. I will definitely use
this and let you know about the results.

12:56 pm
April 27, 2011



posts 5

Keyword analysis may depend on several factors, the following:

Keyword should be relevant to the site domain or topic.
Although the choice of keywords, we must consider the age of our domain.
If the domain is new, it is best to choose smaller or moderately competitive keywords.
For older domain that can range from the highly competitive keywords.

11:58 am
May 13, 2011



posts 6

In my opinion, professionally conducted keyword research is essential for website promotion and can make the difference between success and failure for your website. Keyword Analysis helps you raise conversions and find new markets, but can be time-consuming.

3:40 pm
May 26, 2011



posts 5

Keyword analysis is the starting point and cornerstone of seek business
campaigns.Keyword assay helps to access conversions, acquisition new
markets, and optimize spend, but it requires time-consuming assay and
accommodation making.

2:38 am
June 7, 2011



posts 5

Keyword analysis is the heart of the SEO. You should choose your keyword according to the popularity and suited to your business and products also. I am using google adwords tool. There are so many tools are available.

11:44 pm
June 30, 2011



posts 10

Keyword must be relevant to the website, popularity of the keyword that how much it is search in the search Engine and at the end the compititors of the keyword in the market.

8:16 pm
July 12, 2011



posts 21

Agree with your thought ronniewilliams.

online sales | online marketing | sell online

12:58 am
October 8, 2011

Free Website


The above answers are very sufficient. I would just like to add that you should rely heavily on Google’s tools. Use the Google adwords keyword tool and you’re sure to please google when it comes time to optimize your site. 

Check out my free website builder

7:57 pm
March 5, 2012



posts 5

This is really nice topic. I have gain lots of new knowledge about keyword analysis. Thanks for sharing this nice stuff.

7:45 pm
April 7, 2012



posts 4

According to me Google AdWords Keyword Tool is best for keyword analysis.

9:10 pm
July 16, 2012



posts 5

Many good tools are available but Google adword tool is the best tool for keyword anaylsis. Alexa is also good which we can find out the keywords for which they got more visitors.

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